How to Enter the Idaho Press Club Awards



  1. You will need to go to and create a new account for this year.  Last years account has been removed so it will not work, but you can use the same information when you make your new account


This year’s entry form has a couple of changes that should make it easier and quicker to create an entry.  Each form has 7 steps

To get to the IPC entry form, go to the main menu, roll over “Create Entry” and click on “Idaho Press Club” from the black dropdown box

  1. Entry Introduction: This area has links to information pertaining to Divisions and Categories, Rules, and an application to join the IPC
  • Personal Information:  This page is where you enter your name, contact info and the organization you are entering for.  If you are with a TV or Radio station, please use your call letters not your broadcast group.
  • Divisions and Categories.  This page has prepopulated divisions and the categories under each division.  Once you select the division you are entering into, the category selection list will appear with only the categories available under the selected division.  Note:  Please check the 2023 Division and Category list.  There have been some significant changes made for this year.
  • Entry Name: Be creative when you make this name or “title”  It should be like a headline, or segment name.  DO NOT: run words together, add “-“ or “_”, dates like “02132021” etc.  You DO NOT need to reference the Division, category or IPC in your entry name.  This is what will be on your plaque if this entry should win.  KEEP IT SHORT
  • Submit Media: You have the option of submitting or uploading 4 files or links to each entry.  File types:
  • Video:  YouTube link only.  Links to videos running from your own website are NOT ALLOWED unless it’s a website or social media category.  Your YT video MUST BE MADE PUBLIC in your YouTube account
  • Image: .jpg, .png files are allowed
  • Document: single or combined multi-page pdf’s only
  • Audio: mp3 only.  You cannot use a streaming link.
  • Website or Social Media: Full URL including the http:// or https://
  •  If you use the eMagazine site, simply paste the URL in the space provided
  • Recognition:  Enter the name(s) of the people who were involved in the creation of the entry media.  Include yourself even though your name is on the first page of the form OR included in the ENTRY NAME or TITLE.

You MUST show IPC membership status.  This affects the entry fee when you go to pay

  • Summary Page:   The last page of the entry form has a SUMMARY PAGE which shows all the information you entered onto the form.  Take a moment to make sure all information is correct and spelled correctly.  If not, you can use the “Back” box and correct anything you want.  NOTE: Once you submit a form, you get a copy in your email which also has a link that takes you back to the form so you can make any corrections.


Videos: YouTube Videos are submitted with your form.  You do not have to add them to your Media Manager.  Please make sure your videos are made “Public” on you YT account

Audio: .mp3 files are to be uploaded to your media manager when prompted in the entry form

Images: .jpg, .png files are to be uploaded to your media manager when prompted in the entry form

Documents: single or multi-page pdf files are to be uploaded to your media manager when prompted in the entry form.

Websites or Social Media entries: Simply add the whole URL in the field on the form when prompted posts: If you use this eMagazine site (free) to submit a multipage publication you want the judges to view as it was published, simply add the URL in the field on the form when prompted.