Capitol Correspondents Association

domeThe Capitol Correspondents Association is the entity responsible for credentialing news reporters who cover sessions of the Idaho Legislature, pursuant to the Legislature’s Joint Rule 14.

Correspondents are credentialed according to criteria contained in the Bylaws of the Capitol Correspondents Association. A key point is to distinguish between news reporters, who have certain types of access in the state Capitol during sessions, and lobbyists, who have differing types of access. Capitol Correspondents may not be lobbyists, nor may lobbying organizations gain correspondent credentialing for their employees, even if their function is to report on news of the session for their organization.

Dues for Capitol Correspondents Association membership is $10 per correspondent per year. Capitol correspondents credentials qualify reporters or photographers covering the session to wear the “brown tag” that signifies they may be admitted to the House or Senate chambers during sessions, to use press seats on the floor of either house, and to use press work space in the basement press room.

Minutes of annual meetings of Capitol Correspondents Association


Current officers of the Capitol Correspondents Association are President Kevin Richert, Vice President James Dawson, and standing committee members Joan Cartan-Hansen, Logan Finney, Laura Guido and Ryan Suppe.

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Pay CCA dues  – For those already approved for credentialing as Capitol Correspondents