Evening News: Is 9 p.m. the new 10?

By Natalie Hurst

It's 8:58 pm. For the past four years at this time, I've usually been going through my 10 p.m. scripts and reviewing the lead reporter's top story before her live shot. But tonight, like any Monday-Friday in my new lifestyle, I'm instead listening to the theme song for "Emergency!" and 90 seconds away from a new show open: the 9 p.m. news on KBCI's second channel, RetroTV (KYUU).

What's happened? Has 9 become the new 10?

"It's not an age group, it's more a lifestyle that we're … [Read more...]

From Internet law to infusing meaning in news

By Shea Andersen
Although it was a beautiful Saturday, journalists and media professionals crowded inside a U.S. Bank building conference room for the 2009 Fall Conference, organized by the Southwest Chapter of the Idaho Press Club.

The theme of this year's conference was "Back to Basics." Instead of wringing their hands over the fate of the industry, reporters and editors learned about pertinent media law in the Internet age and heard from newsmakers about what it's like to be on their side of the microphone.
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President’s Column

Glimmers of hope in tough times
By Betsy Russell

When I asked our lead presenter at the recent Fall Conference how things were going at his paper, The Oregonian, I was startled by the answer: They're cutting 70 positions in the newsroom. I shouldn't have been startled. This, of course, is what's going on in our industry right now. My own paper is cutting three more newsroom positions right now, and we're all getting another week's furlough on top of the earlier furlough week and the pay cuts. The Statesman laid off its … [Read more...]

Judge seals warrant documents in Manwill case

By Kevin Richert

An Ada County magistrate judge has refused to release a search warrant in the Robert Manwill murder case -- saying the document would compromise the defendants' right to a fair trial in the high-profile case. The Idaho Statesman has pressed for the release of the warrant. The following editorial appeared in the Sept. 25 Statesman:

The Robert Manwill disappearance became big news - and the Boise Police Department did nothing to discourage it.

The police held frequent and excruciatingly … [Read more...]

Remembering Idaho newsman Chuck Oxley

By Shea Andersen

More than 100 people gathered in Boise's Municipal Park in early October to celebrate the life of Chuck Oxley, an Idaho newsman who died in a car accident on October 3. He was 46.

Oxley, like many reporters, worked for several news organizations in Idaho, and made an impression on most of those with whom he worked. At the memorial, several reporters and editors spoke about his good humor, his idealism and his dedication to the craft.

Oxley had made a rare transition back into news … [Read more...]

Meet Your IPC: Elizabeth Duncan

By Shea Andersen

You might expect public radio to be the last place for a television news personality to land. And Elizabeth Duncan might agree with you. But Duncan, the News Director for Boise State Radio, seems right at home in the station's rabbit warren of desks and recording equipment. She's determined to pep up the station's reporting and presentation, and eagerly awaits the planned move to new offices off the main campus.

Duncan, 45 and the newest member of the state board for the Idaho Press Club, has … [Read more...]

Media Moves


Nick McMullin has been promoted from studio cameras operator to morning editor.   Kim Fields joins KTVB as weekend anchor / reporter from WTVC in Chattanooga, TN.  Nishi Gupta joins KTVB as a reporter from WHOI in Peoria, IL.   Kaycee Murray, Nick Gamb and Jay Howell are no longer with the station.


Alana Brophy is the new weekend weather / reporter from KCSG-TV in St. George, UT.  Jen Wahl joins KBCI as a reporter from Arizona State … [Read more...]

It requires real reporting

By Marc Johnson

As a very, very green – green as in no experience – aspiring journalist many years ago, I now know how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to endure a few months of sheer terror working under the knowing influence of a truly accomplished city editor.  At an impressionable age, those few weeks of education at the hands of an exacting news veteran have had a marked impact on all the years of my professional life.

My early mentor, at least as I remember him, always had a pencil stuck behind … [Read more...]

How long are your Google Searches?

By Nathaniel Hoffman

Marshall Simmonds, SEO guru for the New York Times, told a group of Boise reporters and PR flaks at a recent Idaho Press Club event that Google search queries are getting longer.

So how long are your searches? Do you type a whole sentence, or are you more about quality of search terms than raw, uncut length?

SEO, for those of you who have never even heard of it, is search engine optimization, and according to Simmonds, there is nothing wrong with it, nothing sinister. It is just … [Read more...]

President’s Column

An important resource for Idaho journalists

By Betsy Russell

If you're covering a story from Idaho's courts, or one that has anything to do with our state's judiciary, don't miss the newly revamped online "Media Guide to the Idaho Courts," which has recently been extensively updated.

The guide is located on the Idaho Supreme Court's Web site, www.isc.idaho.gov. In the bar on the left, click on "Media Guide," which gives you two options, a PDF to print out the entire thing, or the handy and highly … [Read more...]

Point-Counterpoint: Facebook

The Facebook dilemma for journalists: Who really should be your "friend"?

Marcia's View:  Assume it's Public
By Marcia Franklin

I'm what is known as an "early majority" adopter - that is, I'm skittish to try a new product until the "innovators" and "early adopters" have proven its reliability and ease.

So I ignored the first requests from people to be their "friend" on Facebook. To me, Facebook was the equivalent of MySpace, and I had stumbled across enough MySpace pages to know they weren't for … [Read more...]

Meet Your IPC: Natalie Hurst

Natalie is one of the newest members of the Idaho Press Club board having joined the statewide board this spring as our TV representative. We welcome her aboard!

Age: 38
Job: Anchor, CBS 2 News-KBCI
Education: B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University (print journalism/French). M.A. Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism (broadcast journalism)
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Family: Parents, no siblings

Q: Describe your career path, how you got to where you are today.

A: After … [Read more...]

Media Moves


KTVB- Char Jackson returns to KTVB as a news producer. Jordan Gray joins KTVB from University of Idaho as a web producer.  Caroline Sullivan leaves KTVB from role as producer.

KTRV - Shannon Paterson, anchor for Fox12News@Nine, left to be a mom and to start up her on-line venture, Anchormommy.com .

Mike Vogel,  veteran local reporter/anchor, came on board in June.  He is a reporter/anchor for the News at Nine as well.

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Radio Stations face special challenges in down economy

By Don Day

Continued economic weakness is hurting all forms of media across the country and in Idaho.With the downturn pinching revenue, radio companies are looking for ways to slash expenses and stay afloat.

In the Boise market alone, three of the four major radio groups have turned to layoffs, pay cuts and other measures.

Citadel Communications laid off a high-profile host at KZMG/Magic 93.1 and made a number of other staff changes.The group also cut pay for non-sales employees by 5 percent in … [Read more...]