Former P-I assistant ME joins Moscow paper

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News has a new managing editor - and it's a former high-ranking editor at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer with 20 years of newspaper management experience.

Lee Rozen, 61, will replace former Daily News managing editor Doug Bauer on June 28; Bauer went to the Lewiston Tribune as managing editor in May, replacing the retiring Paul Emerson.

Rozen, 61, was among the casualties when the P-I laid off most of its staff in March of 2009, including all of its top management. He had … [Read more...]



Idaho Falls/Pocatello  Market


Sports director Brad Shellgren took a job in Fort Myers, Florida.


Chris Huston, news director, is a new arrival from KFDX in Wichita Falls, Texas. Chris is in his 21st year as a news director, and 31st in broadcast journalism.  Family, friends, and lifestyle bring him to Idaho Falls.


Reporter Megan Boatwright left in January and returned to Florida where her family lives.   Brett Crandall replaced her in the … [Read more...]

Meet Your IPC: Todd Dvorak

By Sydney Sallabanks

In the newsroom and on the river, Todd Dvorak is lost in thought. Angling for the next big trout or the next thought-provoking story, the supervisory correspondent at the Boise Bureau of the Associated Press is pensive, always thinking about what’s going on.

His fascination with news first sparked in the late 1980s in the wake of major world events—the dismantling of the Berlin wall, the release of Nelson Mandela, and a major life event—college graduation. “I was floating around, trying to figure … [Read more...]

President’s Column

Public board meeting?  Let ’em tape

By Betsy Russell

One thing that I love about the IDOG open records and meetings seminars that we continue to hold around the state is that, even though I've been attending them since 2004, I still always learn something.

This spring was no exception. At well-attended and highly informative seminars in McCall and Mountain Home, Idahoans for Openness in Government joined with Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and an array of sponsors to bring a fun, interactive session to local … [Read more...]

High court ruling upholds public records law

The state of Washington won its case in the U.S. Supreme Court - and so did Idaho - when the high court recently upheld Washington’s Public Records Act and its requirement that signatures on a referendum petition be public, not secret. Idaho has similar laws, and joined 22 other states in filing a “friend of the court” brief backing Washington’s position.

The group “Protect Marriage Washington” sued to prevent the release of the names of those who signed Referendum 71, the state’s unsuccessful measure that sought to overturn a … [Read more...]

Confidential sources

Case set precedent a quarter century ago on reporter shield law in Idaho

By William L. Spence

It wasn’t Deep Throat and the story didn’t topple a presidency, but an anonymous phone call to a Moscow reporter did help establish the legal precedent that protects Idaho reporters today.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the court ruling in the case, known as In Re Wright.

It began in the fall of 1982, when reporter Jim Wright of the Moscow Daily Idahonian — now the Moscow-Pullman Daily News — wrote a story … [Read more...]