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Freedom of Information Act

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Cameras in the Idaho Courtroom

Special Rules for Cameras, Recording Equipment

The Idaho Supreme Court has adopted Idaho Court Administrative Rule 45 for the use of cameras and recording equipment in the courtroom.

The presiding judge authorizes and may revoke the use of cameras and other recording equipment at any time without prior notice. The judge’s decision cannot be appealed.


Idaho Open Records Law

To Idaho Media:

From Lawrence G. Wasden, Idaho Attorney General

Open government is the cornerstone of a free society. The Idaho Legislature affirmed Idaho’s commitment to open government by enacting the Idaho Public Records Law in 1990. The Public Records Law protects each citizen’s right to monitor the actions of state and local government entities by providing access to governmental records. Through the Public Records Law, the legislature continuously seeks to balance the competing interests of public access and an … [Read more...]

Capitol Correspondents Association

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