Contest deadline is coming up Jan. 20

Get your entries in!

Now is the time to enter your best work of the year in the Idaho Press Club’s “Best of 2022” annual awards contest. The deadline is fast approaching on Jan. 20. If you haven’t done this already, it’s time to review and enter your best work of the year; you deserve the recognition!

Our Contest Committee this year conducted an extensive review and update to our categories. You’ll find an array of changes, including new categories for Spanish-language media and more. All entries are submitted online at

Go on there now, check out the categories and divisions, and be sure to enter this year. Don’t forget to look at all divisions; for example, someone from a newspaper might want to enter in Daily Publication along with the Photography division and All-Media Awards, which includes everything from Best Website to Reporter of the Year. Someone from a TV station might want to enter in the Television Division, along with All-Media Awards, and Publications for written stories (vs. video) published online. Our Audio Division includes radio, podcasts, and all other audio-only reports. The new Spanish-Language Media awards, for both print and broadcast categories, are listed under All-Media Awards.

Entry fees are the same as they were last year, and as usual, there’s a substantial discount for Idaho Press Club members, whether you’re a regular or student member. Either way, it makes sense to just join. You’ll come out ahead, and you’ll support all our efforts!