Contest time coming, scholarships open, trauma training in the works…

Idaho journalists are doing top-notch work in what continue to be extremely challenging conditions. You deserve recognition! So it’s time to look over your best work from 2021 and think about what you’d like to enter in our Best of 2021 annual awards contest. Contest entries will open in early December, with the deadline in the third week of January. Don’t put it off ‘til the last minute; start thinking about it now! 

Our contest recognizes everything from spot news coverage to investigations to the Rookie of the Year. Photography and videography, opinion writing, design, sports reporting, media innovation and general excellence are all among the categories available for entering. There’s outdoors reporting, election reporting, headlines, COVID-19 pandemic coverage, and public affairs programs. Reviews, features and columns. Public affairs programs, documentaries, and best use of social media.

Our contest recognizes the best work from journalists in all media in Idaho, along with the work of journalism students and PR folks. 

Look over the categories at our website,, look back at the fine work you’ve done in this incredibly challenging year, and enter the contest. We’ll look forward to celebrating with you in the spring; we are crossing our fingers for an in-person awards banquet, tentatively set for April 30, 2022.

Also in the works right now: Our Training Committee is looking into offering a high-quality, online training session for our members on stress, trauma and self-care for journalists, something our entire board agrees is much-needed in this stressful era in newsrooms around the state. Stay tuned for more info soon.

And the deadline for our Don Watkins Memorial Scholarship for college students, and our Don Watkins Mid-Career Scholarship for any of us, is Feb. 15. Details are on our website; the mid-career scholarship provides $500 to use for any training or project that will improve the working press in Idaho. This could include going to a conference you have wanted to attend or funding toward travel on that enterprise story you have been working on for months. The only catch: You must share what you learn with Press Club members through a discussion at a conference or an article in an upcoming edition of the Communicator. Any Press Club member is eligible for this scholarship.

The student scholarship, for up to $1,500, is for graduates of Idaho high schools who have completed at least one year of college and wish to pursue a career in journalism or communications. Full-time students majoring in journalism or working for a college or professional media outlet are also eligible to apply.

Kudos to all Idaho journalists for the important work you do. It matters!