Daily Newspaper

General Excellence – Daily Print

1st The Spokesman-Review

2nd Idaho Statesman

3rd Idaho State Journal


General News Story – Daily Print 

1st Kathleen Kreller – Idaho Statesman – “State failed Robert despite red flags”

2nd Alison Boggs – The Spokesman-Review – “Dying to Live at Home”

3rd Betsy Russell – The Spokesman-Review – “Wide, wide loads opposed”


Spot News Coverage – Daily Print

1st Kathleen Kreller –Idaho Statesman – “Bowe Bergdahl ‘has not been forgotten’”

2nd Patrick Orr –Idaho Statesman – “Landscaping saves homes from fire”

3rd Bradley Guire – Times-News – “From a spark, devastation”

Watchdog/Investigative Report – Daily Print 

1st Betsy Z. Russell – The Spokesman Review – “Rep. Phil Hart – Continuing Coverage”

2nd Cynthia Sewell –Idaho Statesman – “Big spending amid cuts”

3rd Cynthia Sewell –Idaho Statesman – “A cost cutter of a kingdom builder”

Honorable Mention

John O’Connell – Idaho State Journal – “At What Cost?”


Serious Feature Report – Daily Print

1st Alison Boggs – Spokesman-Review – “Coming to grips”

2nd Tim Woodward – Idaho Statesman – “Where Old and New West Meet”
3rd Melissa Davlin – Times-News – “Autism after 18”

Honorable Mention

Katy Moeller – Idaho Statesman – “Grand ambitions in business, charity”

Light Feature REPORT – Daily Print

1st Katy Moeller – Idaho Statesman – “The man with the plan:  Coach Pete”

2nd Kristin Rodine – Idaho Statesman – “Small town big on character”

3rd Ariel Hansen – Times-News – “Piecing together a community”  

Series   – Daily Print

1st Becky Kramer, Jim Kershner, Rich Landers – The Spokesman-Review – “Flame and Ruin: The Fires of 1910”

2nd Joe Jaszewski, Darin Oswald, Katherine Jones, Chris Butler, Shawn Raecke and Tim Woodward – Idaho Statesman – “City of Keys: Music in Boise” 

3rd TIE

Nate Poppino – Times-News – “Strain of Survival”

Melissa Davlin, Ashley Smith – Times-News – “Faces of the 116th
Staff – Idaho State Journal – “The Tribes: History, Culture, and Legacy”


Outdoor Feature – Daily Print

1st Roger Phillips – Idaho Statesman – “The White Stuff”

2nd Bill Schaefer – Idaho State Journal – “Nature’s Engineer” 

3rd Katy Moeller – Idaho Statesman – “When do you stop looking?”


Sports News Coverage – Daily Print

1st Dan Angell –Idaho State Journal – “Teams tackle history”

2nd Nick Jezierny – Idaho Statesman – “Dead-End Job?”

3rd Chadd Cripe – Idaho Statesman – “BSU sets itself up for BCS title run”

Honorable Mention

Rachel Roberts – Idaho Statesman – “Conquest Complete”


Sports Feature Story – Daily Print

1st Bruce Mason – Idaho Press-Tribune – “A touching journey for BK coach Leslie”

2nd Jay Heater – Idaho State Journal – “May had his Faith”

3rd Mike Christensen – Times-News – “At Full Speed”

General Column – Daily Print

1st Michael O’Donnell – Idaho State Journal – “Thanksgiving; Pole Shows; Old Glory”

2nd Eniko Jordan – Idaho State Journal – “Mary; Wild and Sweet; Ant death spiral”

3rd Martin Hackworth – Idaho State Journal – “Crazy preacher; Advice; Words mean something”

Specialty Column – Daily Print

1st Jay Heater – Idaho State Journal – “Anger and apathy; Rockland; Heart not measured”

2nd Tom Fox – Idaho Press-Tribune- “Getting; Charlie Brown; Record Day”

3rd Kevin Richert – Idaho Statesman – “Tough Minnick attack ads; Otter writes; Ethical misadventures”

Honorable Mention

Michael Christensen –Times-News – “CSI basketball column”


Editorial – Daily Print

1st Kevin Richert – Idaho Statesman

2nd Marty Trillhaase – The Lewiston-Tribune

3rd Steven Crump –Times-News


Headlines – Daily Print

1st Staff – Idaho Statesman – “RV there yet?; A heli of a good time; Streetcar derailed, but Bieter stays on track; BPD to officers: Dnt txt n drv; Fish & Chips”

2nd Chris Langrill – Idaho Statesman – “Monumental; Bronco $tadium; A leg up on scoring; Of violin strings and football cleats; Not par for the course; This defense won’t rest”


Page Design – Daily Print

1st Ben Kennedy – Idaho State Journal – Jan 21; April 7; July 14

2nd Linda Phillips – Idaho State Journal – Aug 10; Oct 18; Nov 16

3rd Krysten Bullock – Idaho State Journal – Aug 27; Sept 26; Nov 19


Spot News Photography – Daily Print

1st Darin Oswald – Idaho Statesman – “Barn Fire”

2nd Joe Kline – Idaho State Journal – “Bulls on Parade”

3rd Shawn Raecke – Idaho Statesman – “Dog Rescue”

Feature Photography – Daily Print

1st Joe Kline – Idaho State Journal – “Sunset Ride”

2nd Greg Kreller – Idaho Press-Tribune – “Chicken Roundup”

3rd Joe Kline – Idaho State Journal – “Water Fight”

General News Photography – Daily Print

1st Darin Oswald – Idaho Statesman – “Farewell”

2nd Greg Kreller – Idaho Press-Tribune – “Saying Goodbye”

3rd Joe Kline – Idaho State Journal – “Relay for Life”

Sports Photography – Daily Print

1st Joe Kline – Idaho State Journal – “Championship Hug”

2nd Darin Oswald – Idaho Statesman – “Rodeo”

3rd Darin Oswald – Idaho Statesman – “Stiff Arm”

Photo Essay – Daily Print

1st Ashley Smith – Times-News – “Sheep Herding” 

2nd Charlie Litchfield – Idaho Press Tribune -“Night Rodeo”

3rd Katherine Jones – Idaho Statesman- “Life and Death of Cliff Williams”

Graphics – Daily Print

1st Sandy Salas –Times-News – “Eye on the Prize”

2nd Sandy Salas –Times-News – “Coaching carousel”

3rd Shawn Raecke & Chris Langrill – Idaho Statesman – “Building a Steelhead”

Honorable Mention

Joi Topete and  Bethann  Stewart – Idaho Statesman – “What you’ll find on Orchard Street”

Arts / Entertainment Reporting – Daily Print

1st Ariel Hansen – Times-News – “Movie night in a small town”

2nd Dana Oland – Idaho Statesman – “Film by Michael Hoffman reflects personal taste”

3rd Michael Deeds – Idaho Statesman – “Crosby, Stills & Nash launch Eagle Pavilion”


Political Reporting – Daily Print

1st Betsy Z. Russell – The Spokesman-Review – “Ward’s statements have familiar ring”

2nd Dan Popkey – Idaho Statesman – “Two men in a hurry”

3rd Mike Butts – Idaho Press-Tribune – “Bujak calls it quits”


Education Reporting – Daily Print

1st Joe Estrella – Idaho Statesman – “Meridian bus plan sparks ire”

2nd John Bulger – Idaho State Journal – “School made impact”

3rd Kristin Rodine – Idaho Statesman – “School mergers: often discussed, rarely embraced”


Business Reporting – Daily Print

1st Katy Moeller – Idaho Statesman – “Four decades of frugality pay off”

2nd Sandra Forester – Idaho Statesman – “Boise businesses strike a ‘Tweet’ deal”

3rd Joe Estrella – Idaho Statesman – “1 in 3 Valley Homeowners confront ‘underwater’… ”


Agriculture Reporting – Daily Print

1st Sean Ellis – Idaho State Journal – “Unexpected Boost”

2nd Tabitha Simenc – Idaho Press-Tribune –“Sugar beet growers concerned for the future”

3rd Blair Koch –Times-News – “Frozen fruit:  Cold weather destroyed Magic Valley”


Crime / Courts Reporting – Daily Print

1st Eric Larsen – Times-News – “Smashed”

2nd Patrick Orr – The Idaho Statesman – “Rape charge dismissed over quirk in Idaho Code”

3rd Patrick Orr – The Idaho Statesman – “Deputies question LDS leader’s role”


Religion Reporting – daily Print

1st Bill Roberts – The Idaho Statesman – “Ex-Idahoan says priest sexually harassed him”

2nd Blair Koch – Times-News – “Victory through Christ”

3rd Andrew Weeks – Times-News – “Roping in the faithful”


Environment Reporting – Daily Print

1st Rocky Barker – Idaho Statesman – “Earth Day, 40 years later”

2nd Ben Botkin – Times-News – “Nuclear power remains elusive in Idaho”

3rd Nate Poppino – Times-News – “The future of the falls”


Health/Medical Reporting – Daily Print

1st Melissa Davlin – Times-News – “Living, Despite Lyme”

2nd Kathleen Kreller – Idaho Statesman – “Helping the next George Nickel”

3rd Melissa Davlin –Times-News – “Tears, Laughter, and a Lot of Love:  For Jerome Daughter”

Special Section- Daily Print

1st Times-News Staff – Times-News – “One Summer Day”

2nd Idaho Statesman Staff – Idaho Statesman – “Treasure Valley Gardening”

3rd TIE

Staff – Idaho Statesman – “Boise State’s Bronco Nation Goes to Washington”

Mike Christensen, David Bashore, Ryan Howe & Stephen Meyers – Times-News – “Magic Valley Prep Football”


Rookie of the Year – Daily Print 

1st Amy Huddleston – Times-News

2nd Laura Lundquist – Times-News

3rd Vanessa Grieve – Idaho State Journal