President’s Column: No sunshine for the March 2nd presidential caucus

Clark Corbin of the Idaho Capital Sun put out a story earlier this week about the Idaho Republican Party’s decision to disallow media coverage from inside caucus locations on March 2. 

I’m disappointed that the party is conducting this high-interest event in secret, particularly after years of Republican candidates questioning election integrity. Transparency benefits everyone, from the voters of Idaho to the officials charged with running the caucus sites and tabulating votes. On a day when the nation’s eyes will be on Idaho, this decision affects our ability to get information to the public in a timely manner, and we won’t be able to independently verify that the events ran smoothly. 

Two things to keep in mind: Reporters who are registered Republicans are allowed to go to into caucus sites, and we can still report from outside caucus sites. Still, we hope the GOP will change course before the next presidential caucus, and in the name of transparency and election integrity, we’ll continue to encourage them to do so. 
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