Rules All Media (Print, TV, Radio)

  • First Amendment Award: This award is given for work by Idaho journalists, in any medium, that advances the cause of freedom of information in Idaho in the public interest. Submit a copy of an article, broadcast or publication, along with a letter explaining the project or article and its impact.
  • Reporter of the Year Awards – Print & Broadcast: An honor bestowed on two Idaho journalists, one in print and one in broadcast media, for outstanding reporting. Individuals must be full-time working journalists and submit three of their most enterprising stories. Entry must also include a letter of support from their news director or editor describing why this individual deserves the award.
  • Special Coverage: Comprehensive coverage of a special event, unusual circumstance or issue that goes above and beyond normal news coverage. Please submit highlights of coverage along with a letter explaining the coverage and any supporting documents that help describe the news organization’s approach. Entry may include a special section.