Rules Newspaper (Daily/Weekly)

General Excellence: Entry consists of three issues from 2012. Dates will be chosen at random by the Idaho Press Club, and will be announced on January 15, 2013. For the specific dates and additional information, call (208) 389-2879.

General News Story:
Non-deadline news story. Will be judged on clarity, enterprise, and significance.

Spot News Coverage: A breaking news story; first-time coverage. Will be judged on clarity, enterprise, significance and immediacy. WEEKLIES: Since a weekly may have more time to develop a spot story, thorough coverage of the subject and its ramifications will be considered.

Watchdog/Investigative Report: A report uncovering new information that could significantly change the conventional wisdom about anything or anyone of public interest. Emphasis on originality and in-depth research. Will be judged on initiative, depth of research, significance and effectiveness.

Serious Feature Report: A serious profile or news feature. Emphasis on strong writing, education of the reader about something important and writer’s ability to put a local situation into perspective. Can include sidebars.

Light Feature Report: Profile or feature of a non-serious nature. Emphasis on lively writing, reader interest in subject and originality of approach. Can include sidebars.

Series: A series of well-written, well-researched, well-coordinated pieces on one single topic worthy of a series, appearing on more than one day. May include same-day sidebars.

Outdoor Feature: Column, profile or news feature on an outdoor topic. Emphasis on strong writing, education of the reader about the topic and the ability to put a local or regional situation into perspective. Can include sidebar.

Sports News Coverage: A sports story on an event, breaking news or issue.

Sports Feature Story: A sports human interest or humorous story.

General Column: Three columns by a writer not assigned to a specific topic (see specialty column). Emphasis on writer’s ability to entertain, move or educate the reader with good writing that has personality. Should be clearly distinct from news writing.

Specialty Column: Three columns on a single topic (i.e., arts, sports, food, outdoors, politics). May include reviews. Emphasis on writer’s expertise and ability to entertain and educate reader.

Editorial: Selection of three. Emphasis will be on lively writing and strong reasoning that moves the reader.

Headlines: Selection of six. Emphasis on sparkle, clarity, creativity and accuracy. Include stories.

Page Design: Submit 3 examples. A same-day package of up to 3 pages on a single topic may qualify as one example. Emphasis on attractiveness and effectiveness.

Spot News Photography: Emphasis on breaking news, a combination of action and emotion.

Feature Photography: A feature photograph.

General News Photography: A general news photograph

Sports Photography: A sports photograph.

Photo Essay: At least three photos on one topic.

Graphics: Original work; one example. Emphasis on clarity and journalistic value. May include maps, charts, informational graphic or illustration.

Arts / Entertainment Reporting: A report on arts or entertainment.

Political Reporting: A report on politics or government.

Education Reporting: A report on education.

Business Reporting: A report on business.

Agriculture Reporting: A report on agriculture.

Crime/Courts Reporting: A report on crime / courts.

Religion Reporting: A report on religion or related topics.

Environmental Reporting: A report on environmental issues.

Health/Medical Reporting: A report on health or medicine.

Special Section / Publication : Special section or publication on a single topic produced by the news staff. Distributed with the paper on a single day.

Rookie of the Year: Given to one person in daily and weekly print. The individual must be in his/her first full-time professional job and have been working for no more than a year at the end of December 2012. A letter of endorsement from the entrant’s editor is optional. Submit three best stories.