Mid-Career Scholarship

The Mid-Career Scholarship awards $500 for any Idaho Press Club member to use for any training or project that will improve the working press in Idaho. This could include going to a conference you have wanted to attend or funding toward travel on that enterprise story you have been working on for months. The only catch: You must share what you learn with Press Club members through a discussion at a conference or an article in an upcoming edition of the Communicator. Any Press Club member is eligible for this scholarship.

To apply, send your resume and a proposal for how you would spend the money  and include a signed  Scholarship Information Release  Don Watkins Memorial Scholarship – Information Release (may be electronic signature) and submit with your application via email to email@idahopressclub.org.

Applications are due February 15 of each year. The winner is announced at the Press Club’s annual awards banquet in May.

For more information, call IPC Executive Director Martha Borchers at (208) 389-2879, or contact her by e-mail at email@idahopressclub.org.