President’s Column

Statehouse reporting, the 1st Amendment and more…

By Betsy Russell

For almost two years, I've served as the head of a rather obscure group, the Capitol Correspondents Association. It's not a club. It's the credentialing entity for Statehouse reporters created by the Legislature in Joint Rule 14 of the House and the Senate.

Why would the Legislature designate a group of reporters to credential reporters? As former Times-News publisher and current state Rep. Steve Hartgen pointed out eloquently in a recent … [Read more...]

‘Legislature Live’ brings session to all

By Joan Cartan-Hansen

Idahoans have several new ways to keep track of what’s happening at the Statehouse. As part of a collaborative effort with the Idaho Department of Administration and the Legislative Services Office, Idaho Public Television expanded the services offered by IDAHO LEGISLATURE LIVE.  Those services include over-the-air and cable broadcast of House, Senate proceedings, video streaming of the Joint Finance and Appropriation Committee (JFAC) meetings and hearings in the new 220 seat Capitol Auditorium and … [Read more...]