The rule of law and the role of the judiciary

Making our courts coverage better

The rule of law and the role of the judiciary

By Betsy Russell

Those who attended last year’s Idaho Press Club fall conference had the opportunity to hear from former University of Idaho College of Law dean, and former Idaho Court of Appeals judge, Don Burnett, on the media’s role in shaping accurate public perceptions of the courts and their role in our American system of justice – something that’s widely misunderstood in our society today. Now, we are working with Burnett, Attorneys for Civic Education, the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho, the Idaho Supreme Court, the UI College of Law and more on a half-day workshop, to take place in early February, for journalists, journalism professors and students.

Thanks to a small grant from the ACE, we plan to offer a limited number of expenses-paid fellowships for journalists from outside the Boise area to attend the workshop. We’re also welcoming interest from reporters, editors, producers and news directors in both the print and electronic media, college-level journalism instructors and college journalism students in attending this session, which will take place on a Saturday in Boise, most likely at the Idaho Law & Justice Learning Center.

Are you interested in attending? Is there someone you’d like to nominate for one of the fellowships? Please let me know.

We’re looking forward to a valuable and useful program that will help us improve our work and the public understanding of the role of the courts.